• Highly trained personnel who manage property inspections and ensure that the service provided is adequate.
  • All our Administrators are certified in Condominium Administration.
  • Manages all the needs of the condominium and / or commercial properties, specifically, the maintenance of common areas.
  • Manages utilities and service contracts to ensure proper operation, maintenance, cleaning and security of properties.
  • Management of utility bills that are received monthly (water and electricity). Invoice audit.
  • Rent collection and / or monthly maintenance fee collection.
  • Bank account management where payments related to income or maintenance payments are deposited. Make payments of expenses related to the operation and maintenance of the property.
  • Provide the owner or the Board of Directors with a monthly account report, detailing the deposits, income and monthly expenses, as well as bank reconciliations and accounting, in relation to the income and expenses mentioned.
  • Any additional service required by our client within our scope of work.